Managed IT Services

managed It services

Icon Computer Solutions Managed IT Services

Icon Computers Managed IT Services knows that it is absolutely critical for your network to be up and running at all times. Downtime is too costly, and negatively affects productivity, profitability and customer relations.

Our Managed It Services can relieve your business from your technology-based stress

In the workplace, quality of service, customer and employee communication and levels of productivity rely heavily on technology preforming at optimum levels. The power tool of your business is its technology. The Information Technology, or IT, is the use of computers, storage, networking, printers, securing and exchanging data and all other tech equipment associated.

Your business needs Managed It Services

The entire technological portion of a business will be taken care of by having Managed It Services. Relying on Icon Computers to fully manage all of your business IT services can change the challenges of technology back into the power tools of your business to meet your production expectations.

Managed Workstations

Having managed computer performance is vital for business production levels, continued success, and reducing headaches. Icon Computer’s Managed Workstations will ensure that your business PC’s and laptops are monitored continuously for optimum performance.
  • Remote network monitoring
  • Highlighting potential risks
  • Updating and upgrading software
  • Enhancing performance
  • Reducing downtime
  • Providing on-going support
  • Streamline operations
managed workstations

Managed Email

managed email
One of the largest business communication tools is our email. IT email hosting from Icon Computers will provide access to business email from any location. A specialized plan will be developed for your company’s priorities and expectations.
  • Up-to-date programs
  • IT email hosting
  • Backed up program and system
  • Data security
  • Infinite assurance and support
  • Spam and virus protection