IconCS Networking

Gives you the Power to Streamline Your Business

We can provide the solutions for your business networking

2018 is all about network security. We formulate barriers, reduce risk, and monitor and calibrate efficiency. Whether you have an established server that needs to be upgraded or a new growing business that needs advancement.

Icon Computers is a VMware partner.

VMware allows multiple virtual server platforms in one physical box. We build servers that are non-propriety and state of the art with all name brand components. Our servers are built to perform consistently without interruption to your business.

Our experience allows us to efficiently diagnose and troubleshoot so we can come up with solutions that best fit your budget and business needs.

Streamline Your Business Productivity:

  • Email accounts to match your domain name.
  • Nightly Offsite Server Backup.
  • Commercial and Residential Routers setup securely with password protection .
  • Wireless Solutions for difficult, wide range situations.
  • Web Filters: provide email filtering, virus and spyware protection, intrusion prevention (blocking hijackers), and allows for blockage of certain websites to prevent employees from surfing the net during work hours.
  • Remote Log-in from Home – work from home access for your employees.
  • Share Printers/Scanners – making your business as paperless as possible.
  • Providing solutions that will save your company time and money ie: faxing from your desktop, emailing, scanning.
  • Software Recommendation, Updates & Installation for your business management.

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